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State Of is the first line of beauty and skin-care products co-created by our Collective, who have experienced perimenopause and menopause. Because no two people experience the hormonal journey of menopause the same way, our Collective developed, tested, and helped co-create this brand every step of the way.

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Lina   •   49 years old   •   Brooklyn, NY

“There’s a certain sense of freedom in aging, but you don’t get a handbook on how to react to your body...there are no straight answers for menopause, it’s unique to each woman.”

Lina is a mother, teacher, and talented creative. She is that best friend that curses all the time and says exactly what you're feeling when you don't have the words or the courage to say it, and to quote her directly, “ooh yeah, I stay hot and bothered because I'm going through menopause.”

Crystal H.   •   42 years old   •   Ocean Springs, MS

“I love being a part of State Of. I didn’t have a relationship growing up where I could ask my mom or family about what to expect with my body. It’s so important to me that dynamics are different with my girls. Putting this brand out there is the first step. I love my body, I love my smile, I love every bit of me. Onwards.”

In her own words, Crystal is just like you. She’s a busy bee! With long hours working in healthcare, and two high-maintenance daughters, Crystal has to make time for herself and encourages you to try to do the same! Join her in a State of Self.

Maria R.   •   57 years old   •   Decatur, GA

“You get fucking hot and no one cares. Show your menopause, don’t hide it.”

Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/musicpreneur Maria Rossoto has a perpetual hankering for adventure and a free-spirited approach to everything she does. That is especially evident in her music. Maria performs songs from her CD by day and smoky jazz standards by night. She’s an innovative and talented vocalist.

Symone C.   •   48 years old   •   Conyers, GA

“The face mask is my favorite thing about State Of. It feels like a luxurious moment that I share with my daughter where we sit for 15 minutes and forget about all our worries in the world. And we deserve it.”

Symone loves to experience the world. Hailing from Georgia, she raises her family with the same love and care she tries to give to all living things. She is a high vibrational being with such an amazing colorful aura.

Julia K.   •   57 years old   •   Columbus, OH

“Trying the new products and really digging in and giving feedback—it’s been so exciting to see this evolve from a concept to an actual product we are touching and feeling.”

Julia owns her own fashion design business in Ohio where she lives with her husband and two beautiful kids. Her pump up music is Stevie Nicks and she tries to live each day with grace and laughter. She expressed her creativity for 30 years with major retailers as a Design Director, for fashion, home goods, personal care and accessories, to name a few.

Mona A.   •   41 years old   •   Atlanta, GA

“It’s okay to age and not check off the boxes of what other people deem as ‘normal’ milestones for being a woman. Being a strong woman today means creating new milestones and opportunities that our mom’s and families didn’t have the chance to try themselves. It’s our time to shine.”

Mona is an actress and a student of pranic healing. As a daughter of Indian immigrants, she was born and raised in the US, and had to learn to integrate "East meets West." She loves fashion, skincare/beauty, films, and meditation along with utilizing sustainable practices to reduce her negative impact on the earth...such as recycling, reducing, and reusing. Everything is energy.

Sara K.   •   49   •   Marlboro, VT

"This experience has been an extremely positive one. I had so much fun working with the photographer Naila. Being involved with a brand which promotes fun and vivacious images of women at this stage of our lives is rare and very refreshing."

Sara lives with her family in rural Vermont where she practices Shiatsu, teaches whirling, and explores the healing properties of natural foods and herbs. Sara received her Masters Degree of Public Health in epidemiology from New York University.

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